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Thursday 20th Sep 2018

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Food and Wine

Down in Devon

One of the many pleasures of holidaying in England is being able to sample local beers.  There are over 1,700 breweries in the UK with every county having a considerable number of small breweries, most of which have opened over the last ten years.  This summer I visited Devon which has read full article »

Growers’ Champagnes – The smaller producers

In the last edition I spoke about the possibility of the decline of Prosecco. This time we are going to look at the other end of the price scale and a drink we all love and have done for a few hundred years.

Champagne has long been regarded as the drink of Kings and Queens, of read full article »

Wild Venison with Blackberries

Wild venison is back in season, with roe and fallow deer in historically high numbers, it’s the most sustainable meat you can buy.  It’s also healthy for you and delicious.

Blackberries are at their seasonal best at the moment and the combination of venison and read full article »

The venison season has started up again and there are several reasons why you should be sitting down to enjoy a meal or two of this delicious wild game.

With historically high populations of both fallow and roe deer across the South Downs, as well as increasing numbers of read full article »