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Saturday 23rd Mar 2019

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Food and Wine

Hail the Pale Ale!

One of the most popular styles of craft beer available in the UK today is Pale Ale, which is sometimes described as India Pale Ale (IPA),  if it is stronger in alcohol. Traditionally a Pale Ale was an English style of amber beer which was brewed with English hops. Pale Ales were often read full article »

Wine Trends for 2019

Wine is sometimes like the fashion industry, we have certain wines that are fashionable to drink but then eventually they fall out of favour. For example, thirty years ago when I first started in the wine trade, we were drinking nothing but Chardonnay. It became a brand name in itself read full article »

Much Ado About Mutton

utton is tastier than lamb, but is more often regarded as a specialist meat that is fashionable in restaurants, but not kitchens.  However, for centuries it was more popular than lamb and mutton chops were served at the last lunch on the Titanic (so don’t get any if you are read full article »