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Tuesday 12th Dec 2017

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Food and Wine

The craft beer movement continues to grow both in the UK and the USA. Here in Britain we have around 1,655 craft breweries whilst in the USA there are over 5,000 breweries. Up until the 1960’s beer production in the UK was mainly in the hands of six big brewers; Courage, more
Christmas Wines Under £10
It’s all too easy to go overboard on spending during the festive period. The kids want the latest action figures, the teenagers want the latest gadgets while Dad is happy with the festive socks, Christmas seems to get more and more expensive each year. So, this year I have more
Spinach roulade with a chestnut mushroom filling served with a spicy tomato sauce
This is a deliciously light dish which can be a starter or main course and will be sure to impress your guests. Not only is it light in taste but it is light in calories too! Although this recipe is a vegetarian version it is easy to make it a meat version by adding some chopped more
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