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Thursday 19th Sep 2019

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Food and Wine

Enjoy Harvey’s of Lewes and Foolproof of Pawtucket

Harvey’s were formed in Lewes, East Sussex in 1789 and have been brewing for 230 years. According to CAMRA’s Good Pub Guide 2019, East Sussex is the home of 26 breweries, including six brewpubs. Over half of the breweries were established since 2010 with only two breweries going back read full article »

A growing past time

I have always believed that the best way to learn a new subject is to totally immerse yourself in it and to discover and experience as much of it as you possibly can.

I have been running wine courses now for a decade and its an area that is getting more and more popular read full article »

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is easy to prepare at home, it’s great if you have a BBQ that can slow cook, but it’s easy to do in your slow cooker or oven as well.  The trick is good quality pork, (Scott’s Free Range from the South Downs) and ideally rare breed pork has a higher fat content which makes read full article »