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Sunday 19th Aug 2018

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On the 12th October it will be forty years since the formation of the current Havant AC Club in 1978, and we are seeking past and current members to help us celebrate at 7.30pm in the Havant Park Pavilion, where there will be a bar and American supper.

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At 4.51 in the morning of 21st June a group of cyclists from our area watched the sunrise through the ancient stones at Stonehenge.

They had cycled through the night to be there, and for some of them not only was this a long ride, of about 50 miles, but it was their first all- read full article »

Q    I need to use the road to get around. Are there any special points I need to watch out for ?

A    There are several points buried in your question.

First a bicycle is legally a road vehicle which carries both rights and duties.

The Highway Code makes it clear read full article »