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Monday 21st Jan 2019

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So it’s the New Year and you’ve decided to do something that you’ve always wanted to do: learn an instrument.

But over the years you’ve looked at the guitar: how hard is it? Some people make playing one look so easy, but is it?

What type do I buy, what is an acoustic or a read full article »

Monday 21st January - Precious metals – the gold, silver and platinum group and their uses for jewellery and electronic devices. A talk by Alistair Alexander, retired CEO of the Engelhard Corporation.

Monday 18th February - How groups deal with complexity – from survive to read full article »

Thursdays 17 January -28 march -
10am-12noon - ten sessions Fee £86
History - Crime - tutor Jennifer Goldsmith - In the past people did not need to lock their doors at night – or so we are told. Is this true? This course looks at crime and its prevention before the 19th read full article »